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Whole House Audio Systems

Also called distributed audio systems, whole house audio systems give you a high quality, customized listening experience in your integrated home, indoors and out.  The best whole house audio systems start with built in speakers that deliver superior sound throughout the house.

Great for entertaining in one room or any combination of rooms, whole house audio systems give you control of your music.  With a whole house audio system, you are able to choose and play music anywhere in the house from your iPad, mobile device, in-wall touch screen or handheld remote control.

Custom Home Entertainment

Whole house music systems provide a true custom home entertainment experience.  Using the control device of your choice, you are able to create individual experiences in each room of the house or a house-wide music experience.

A whole house audio system can include both interior and exterior audio zones, ideal for outdoor entertaining.  Integrated speakers in patio, outdoor kitchen, pool and spa areas allow you and your guests to enjoy the same music experience indoors and out.

Navigate your Personal Music Library

Intuitive feedback lets you navigate your personal music library as well as internet-based music services.  With whole house audio systems you are able to connect to and play your music whether it is stored on iTunes and other music libraries or streamed live via internet and satellite radio stations and more.

House Audio Systems We Recommend and Install

We bring Savant Systems distributed audio products to homes in Newport Beach, Laguna Beach and Dana Point.  Distributed audio products from Savant, an A/V systems innovator, centralize control of all of your music.

They provide management systems for your music collection, allow you to play multiple streams at the same time and enable you to control your whole house audio experience with Apple® devices and PCs.

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